Curious about the name?

25 Sep

As an introductory post, let me tell you why this blog is called ‘My Curio Shop’.

Refer to the dictionary definition of curio and you will see:


– Any unusual article, object of art etc., valued as a curiosity.

– A small article valued as a collector’s item, esp. something fascinating or unusual

Well. That’s what I think about life. My life is an object of art simply because it is beautiful. It is a collector’s item because I am making memories and collecting them, and hence it is immensely valuable to me. It is fascinating. It is unusual. It is must be valued as a curiosity because it is only one such among the millions. It is a curio.

The same goes for everyone’s life. Everybody’s life is so different and unusual and amazing that it becomes a curio in itself.

This place is my workshop because it is a chronicle of sorts for the things that either go on in my life, my mind or my era. And that’s how this space gets its name – My Curio Shop.


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