It takes a man and a woman to Salsa !!

9 May

I have been offered a chance to teach dance – Salsa. I am not extraordinarily good at it, but I am not that bad either. So I think I will take a shot at it. I hope to get better at it myself, while teaching. But there is a little thing thats worrying me.

It will be easy to teach the men, because you can correct them when you dance with them. Or if they dont lead properly, you can stop and ask them to try again. And it would be a great joy to dance with somebody who can lead you well. But what about the women? What when you have to play the man’s part and lead the ladies?

There is this particular lady in my class who is, I dunno, either XY phobic or has an inclination towards the XX. She says its easier to follow lead if a woman is guiding her, and things like it should be a woman dominated dance, or it would be better if two women salsa-ed together rather than a man and a woman. If she had a choice to pick a partner for the dance, I am sure she would pick a woman and not a man. Umm, I dont know what is she doing in a salsa class, looking for pretty women to dance with, just like the men do?

I am not sure how am I going to handle women like that when the time comes. Thankfully, I am safe as of now because I dont know the guy’s footwork! 😀


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