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Once upon a time, in the same land as now, being camera conscious was different from being image conscious. The camera conscious people were those who found it difficult to stand in front of the lens and get their picture taken. The image conscious people were those who were careful about the impression they made on people around them, by the way they spoke, behaved and dressed.

These days, the difference is reducing . People make their images and impressions by how they present themselves on social-networking sites. All the pictures that they put up, add up to the image they are trying to create. The whole purpose of clicking pictures is to put them up for others to see and comment upon, not for memories.
You wouldn’t be even back home yet from a social do, but your photos would have preceded you. The whole wide world would know where you went, what you did, what you wore, whom you met and blah blah blah!

It’s a trend amongst the teenagers to change their profile picture at least once a week. A display image that sticks on your wall for more than a week implies that you are not the ‘in’ thing. Hence the madness to carry the camera everywhere you go.
For what reasons would you carry a camera to a movie theatre? You aren’t going to shoot the film in it. But, nah! The camera has to go to the mall with you. You must pose in front of the life-size posters and banners in the malls. Maybe even pretend to kiss or hold your favorite actor’s poster… the photograph is proof that you have been there and done that.

Sometimes, by chance, you bump into somebody you knew long back. Voila! The camera or the phone is out, even before you can manage a decent hello and find out their whereabouts. The spark from the relationship would have died down and you might just be formal acquaintances now. But, still a pic is taken with a fake smile that stretches across your face, to show people how you close you are to your oldest friends. Up it goes with a fashioned status message…

It is funny how people are paranoid, that others will forget them until and unless they are constantly reminded of how they look!

1) I got a new dress – yay! Get the cam out. Let my friends see how pretty I look.

2) I washed my hair today – it looks nice, silky and shiny. See how it falls perfectly in place. Get the cam, I will pose.

3) Look I tried this brand of makeup today – Click. Click. Click.

4) Oh! I ate a burger today. The last time I ate it, was on the roadside stall yesterday and I didn’t have my cam. Today I am at McD. – Ronald and me in the frame please!

5) I am carrying my shades today. See how cool they look. – It doesn’t matter that its 6 pm and the sun has set. Zoom. Click.

6) This is the craziest thing I ever did till date. Ate a pizza with my hands and the ketchup is all over my face. – Somebody capture this moment. This day will never come again!


There are people who keep taking re-shots till they think they look perfect in the pic. All thanks to the era of digital cameras!

Also there are people who have defined smiles for all kinds of moods and occasions. They practice for hours in front of the mirror to see which kind of a smile looks the best. The smile must be perfect. Everything from how wide should you stretch your lips, how many teeth to be displayed, whether the mouth should be open or closed, whether your eyes hold the correct expression or not, or whether your cheeks look too full like you have ‘rasgullas’ stuffed inside… it is all manipulated.

I wonder if there is anything like a natural smile or a natural photo anymore!


2 Responses to “Photo-licious”

  1. Abhishek - - Jai December 10, 2010 at 11:12 PM #

    Thats just mean 😦 Well written … but mean Dil tod diya tumne hum facebookers ka

  2. Shivu December 16, 2010 at 9:49 AM #

    Kya karun? Dil todne ki aadat si ho gayi hai 😛 😛 :PI have nothing against people putting up their pics on FB… It is a nice, quick and easy way to share your memories and fun moments with your friends and let them know whats happening in your life. But, clicking pictures at every ocassion, heck sake, or on an everyday basis only to put them up on FB or to increase the count of profile visits sounds more like a disorder!

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