Phone(y) Conversations

23 Nov

I don’t eavesdrop as a habit, but sometimes you just can’t help overhearing conversations.

It is funny how people (especially the ones in a relationship) can be classified into different categories based on the way they talk on the phone.

The loudspeakers:

There are some people who converse like it is a necessity for the whole wide world to know about what is happening in their life. You can hear these people’s conversations at the other end of the corridor. And every single word out of their mouth is at the mercy of your judgment. It is free publicity of their affairs!!

5000 watts Loudspeaker: “Tumne mujhe kabhi kuch diya hai? Mere liye kabhi koi gift bheji?”

Everybody around that girl knew that she was on the verge of breaking up with her boyfriend. Also any guys trying to get into a relationship with her were warned of her high-maintenance attitude!

The secretaries:


There are few people who have inbuilt mechanisms that would make them good secretaries. They literally get into the phones and talk. They lower their volume to such decibels that you cannot hear a single word even if you are sitting right next to them. Wonder how the person at the other end of the line catches what they are saying!

The teenage-girl types:

The people in this category love to show off what their conversation is probably like. You get to see very animated expressions even though you may or may not be able to hear what they are saying. And that more or less conveys to you, whom are they talking with and what they are talking about.

Very-girly-girl : *turns a soft shade of red*
“I thought you would like it if I wore that”
“You are very naughty…”
*turns crimson red*

Umm… the rest is left to your imagination!!

The screechy house-elves:

This category is applicable only to women. Women who turn hysterical on the phone, screech, scream and abuse on the phone, and more-often-than-not break into tears while talking can be fit into this category. The phone call that might have started at a normal pitch, threatens to do permanent damage to your tympanic membrane.

The switch-gears types:

This is the category of those people who change the language of communication, as soon as they find other people within earshot.

I know a friend, who suddenly makes a switch from Hindi (her mother tongue) to English while talking to her boy-friend, if any of us are within hearing distance. Her trick may work at her home, going by the fact that her mom doesn’t understand English. But, with us, it is just plain stupidity! Most people, like me, can understand both Hindi and English. (And if she tried talking to her boyfriend in his mother-tongue, I would still understand.) So, either which ways, I can always follow the entire conversation. Try how much ever I may, I can never block out her voice, given to the high pitch, and end up knowing all the stuff that she is trying so hard to block away!


2 Responses to “Phone(y) Conversations”

  1. WritersParadise November 24, 2010 at 1:41 PM #

    I feel i am in the first category…. one of my friends always used to tell me that I need not pay for local calls as my voice would directly hit the other persons ear drums :-)nice post….tympanic membrane wats tat.. dont want to google…

  2. Shivu December 1, 2010 at 11:42 PM #

    tympanic membrane is the biological term for your ear drums! 🙂

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