The art of subtly staring….

7 Sep

Ever heard of the art of subtly staring??

I bet everyone at some point of time has stared at someone or the other, be it because the person looks like he/she just fell into the GAP (pun intended) or because the person in question looks ravishing. Reason being what-so-ever, I am sure you have had the sense to not ogle oh-so-openly at the person.

How many times have you and your friends sniggered and rolled your eyes in the direction of the guy who came dressed like a clown, or wore a green shirt and a pink tie to go with it (and that my dears, is not a fictitious combination. it’s for real, is what my trusted sources tell me). How about counting the number of times you just couldn’t peel your eyes off the pretty lady in a sari or the hot chick in a mini-skirt with those never ending legs?

The question in question is that did you do all of the above right in face of the person or had enough brains to do it behind their back? Did you let your eyes pop out like someone was strangling you or did you just pretend to glance casually?

If the answer is yes, then, why does my office seem to be filled with mundanely illiterate people (AOM*) who never learnt the art of subtly staring? I was wearing a skirt yesterday, which was a good 2″ below my knees. And like all other people here who are freshly out of the training, stuck to the dress code rigidly which says – “stockings to be preferably worn with skirts”. Did I do something wrong?

Thanks to all the people of the above mentioned category, I wasn’t able to step out of my cubicle all day without feeling conscious. You made me feel like a specimen under the microscope lens, looking so pointedly at my stocking clad feet. Have you never seen a girl before?? Or is that you don’t know what stockings are?

For the guys – next time you decide to ogle at a girl, do it with more chivalry. staring with your eyes resembling a toad’s is not classy. No girl likes being looked at like a piece of meat being eyed by a wolf.

For the girls who thought that my legs were fairer than the rest of my skin, I would like to bring to your kind notice, the existence of stockings. Please do not be so open about wishing to have legs like mine; else I will have to start carrying a board saying “I am straight!!” (rolling eyes)

And not to forget, special thanks to my cubicle mate Mr. B who did not make me feel even a wee bit uncomfortable inside the homeliness of my cubicle or even outside it for that matter.

AOM – All Offense Meant 😡

I am royally pissed…….


2 Responses to “The art of subtly staring….”

  1. nilesh patel September 8, 2010 at 12:14 AM #

    Lol :)Really funny blog Ms.Sexy-Naughty-Bitchy ;)Caution : Beware of gals in your office 😛 and now blog more frequently…-Nilesh.

  2. Shivu September 8, 2010 at 9:24 PM #


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